Library Blog Post!

Originally I wanted to study the Great One, Wayne Gretzky for eminent, but because of certain reasons I will now be taking on Hayley Wickenheiser. Now, I know no one is really the same or will ever be similar to Wayne Gretzky, to even try and choose a male hockey player with the same talent and contribution would be hard, but I believe Haley Wickenheiser is a really great female hockey player and has given back to her community a lot as well.

This year, both the morning and afternoon classes visited SFU for a field trip and library study. I went into this trip wanting to bond with my classmates and learn about university life. I really feel that I got to know a lot of people better than I did before and the tour we got of the SFU campus really gave me a better understanding of what life is like in university. I personally did not find any books related to my eminent person so spent most of the time exploring the library and trying to find information on my phone.

To document my experience I took some pictures! So here they are: 

Overall I think I learned a lot about what life is like in university and got some more inspiration for my eminent person as well!

I am really excited to continue with my research and am looking forward to the Night of the Notables! 🙂

amira brar