In the past year one of my friends taught me that no matter where you go or what you do, you should never change who you are for any reason. You may have a change of taste in music, but you should never change your taste of music just because someone you like listens to a different genre. You become the person you desire to be by following what you believe in. Thinking that you have to have the same beliefs as someone higher than you is silly, although you may follow someone else because you believe in the same ways. Believing in the same ways as someone else may prompt you to consider their opinions. Think about if you agree or not with the opinions. Following different beliefs may make you incapable of reaching your potential. If it is your dream to one day become CEO of a company, follow your dream.  Even if you don’t become a CEO you shouldn’t give up your leadership goals all together. You can still be leader and believe in what you believe in.

amira brar

Ice Hockey In-Depth

I can’t believe it’s already time to start in-depth! With the strike happening at the beginning of the year, the days just seem to fly by. I’m very excited to get started with my in-depth this year as I will be learning how to play ice hockey! Most people who I tell don’t really believe me, but that’s okay because they’ll believe me one In-Depth night comes around.

In order to learn how to play hockey, I will start off by taking ice skating lessons for about a month and a half. Basically during these lessons I will learn how to become a stronger skater. My coach (mentor #1) will teach me how to improve my skating speed, learn different ways of stopping, turning, etc. I took skating lessons when I was in elementary school which was quite a while ago so I figured it’d be best to brush up on my skating skills starting on a team. Once I’ve finished my power skating training I will join either a spring 3 on 3 team or a spring 5 on 5 team and possibly a development camp. Here I will meet my coach (mentor #2) who will help me learn the skills and rules behind the game of ice hockey. Some skills I may learn are 1v1, positioning, game rules, tactics, stick and puck skill, etc.

I chose Ice Hockey as my in-depth because I’ve wanted to join a team since I was ten years old, but unfortunately I couldn’t join because I chose to do a lot of soccer and join a metro soccer team. I kept asking my parents if I could join even though I knew it would be too much. So my parents put my in field hockey so I could get my “hockey” fix. I love field hockey now and will continue to love it, but I just need to try hockey as it has been in the back of my mind for a while.

I will need to buy some hockey skates to start out with and then once I finish my lesson I will need to get some basic hockey equipment such as under armour, gloves, and a stick. Ice Hockey will cost a lot of money especially since ice time is expensive, but I think it will be very worth it in the end.

I don’t know the names of my skating mentor or ice hockey mentor yet as they will be my coaches. I will add my mentor information as soon as I know their names! I have a friend (Desmond Grewal) who has been playing ice hockey (Cloverdale Colts) since he was very young and is willing to help me out with any questions I have regarding ice hockey and the equipment I will need for it. Also, if I am unable to ever reach my mentors he is available to assist me at any time (unless of course he is playing hockey! :))

The main things I hope I will learn from my experience is the rules of hockey, basic stick and puck skills, positioning, and game sense. My final product will be a video of my progress from my first skating lesson to my final hockey game. I will then present my video on stage at the night of the notables! 🙂

I am very excited to get started and can’t wait t get onto the ice!

amira brar