Ice Hockey In-Depth 3

Each week with my power skating mentor, I continue to learn more and more! I find it really interesting how fast I can learn how to play ice hockey! My mentor said after a couple more lessons, we can start doing more stick and puck work. We’ll start off with the basics such as dribbling and simple stick to stick passing. Then I’ll learn more advanced skills such as passing on the move and shooting. I am very excited to learn more advanced skills as my lessons go on!

This past couple of weeks I’ve also been looking into teams to play on during the Spring season. So far, I have found quite a few teams that I’d be able to play on, but I’ll need to make sure I have all the required equipment. Ice hockey requires a lot more equipment than most of the sports I play and it can be pretty pricey. My mentor advised me that although the “name brands” can cost more, they will last way longer than a cheap “knock-off” brand. Since I’ve never played ice hockey before I have to buy all equipment from scratch. So far I have got skates, helmet, gloves, and a stick. This is what is required for power skating, but once I join a team I will need under armour, shin guards, chest protector, etc. My mentor has been a great help with telling me what to buy, but I have also been doing my research! 🙂

As soon as I finish editing my ice skating videos, I will upload them to my blog!

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  1. When will you decide on what team to play for? How will you decide on what team to play for? Why do you think you are able to learn the skill so fast?

    1. I have been researching local teams that I can possibly play on in the Spring and so far I have narrowed it down to three local clubs. I will decided what team I am going to play on based on the training facilities, coaching (will I develop?), and on the club as a whole (has this club had success in the past?). I will decide by the end of February as I need to register before the registration closes! I think I am able to learn the skill so fast because I am a well-rounded athlete who can pick up concepts easily. Also, the stick handling I am picking up from field hockey as it requires similar techniques. I am excited to continue improving my skating and look forward to choosing a team! 🙂

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