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hi everybody! this is my social studies midterm assignment. hope you really like it!

PLO Evidence/Activity How does it reflect your proficiency with PLO?
A1 – apply critical thinking ·      Blog Posts·      Eminent Person·      Daily Conversation I applied the skill of critical thinking throughout my blog posts, eminent person study, and daily conversations regarding social issues. In my blog posts I summarized the events my character went through while defending his position. I particularly like the way I began and ended my address, mentioning how the rebels never failed, they just always lost. My blog posts also included critical thinking as demonstrated during  the posts about my character’s points of view.
A2 – demonstrate effective research skills ·      Blog Posts·      Final Address·      Role Play·      Eminent

·      Eminent Blogs

I demonstrated effective research skills throughout my both my eminent and confederation blog posts, my final address, and my eminent person study. My blog posts contained information from reliable sources (according to the CRAAP test) and was portrayed in my own words. My final address was essentially a summary of the research for my character. I believe the clear and concise nature of my blog posts and final address demonstrates effective research skills because I had to find the information, sort through it and summarize the main ideas in my own words without leaving out important information. Finding reliable sources can be very time consuming and this was especially the case for my eminent person study. Although there were many articles on my eminent person (Hayley Wickenheiser), less then half of them passed the CRAAP test. I believe that by utilizing the CRAAP test to eliminate unreliable resources and once again filtering through this large amount of information to write an interesting and informative time limited speech demonstrates effective research skills.
C1 – describe the evolution of responsible government in Canada in terms of government structure and key contributing events – Classroom discussions & debates- Research for blog posts- CRAAP testing I believe that I had success with prescribed learning outcome C1 through our classroom/quad discussions, researching for blog posts, and CRAAP testing. During classroom discussions, especially quad/group discussions, I learned a lot about the rebellions of 1837-38. I learned about the causes and consequences of these rebellions through other characters’ debates.  For example, when Nadia and Crystal’s characters had their role play improv on their raids in upper and lower Canada. Through their conversation I gathered more knowledge on their characters views and goals of the Confederation. Furthermore, having conversations with my classmates about their opinions on these rebellions also contributed to my learning. For example, when I was preparing my debate with “the Queen” we discussed her POV’s on the rebellions as well as her overall opinions on the whole confederation. From small conversations like the one with Sara, I learned a lot of smaller details and opinions on the Confederation that really helped me see the bigger picture and how all the pieces fit together.We also had a class discussion and small class brainstorm on the Durham report earlier in our Confederation unit from which I learned as well.  I enjoy the  topic of this PLO and found it quite interesting as it helps me understand historical events that  led to the development of Canada’s government!
B4 – Describe the factors that contributed to a changing national identity from 1815 to 1914 Needs improvement Throughout this first term in socials I don’t think we quite touched on this topic. Although we may have talked about the Durham report, we did not quite speak much of the Boer War, Naval Act, or Alaskan Dispute just to name a few. I think this may have been due to the fact that we focused mainly on the Confederation of Canada, but I still wish we talked a bit more about immigration influencing Canada’s identity. I assume we will go more in-depth with these topics as we continue with our social studies throughout the second half of the semester.
B3 – evaluate the influence of immigration on Canadian society from 1815 to 1914 Needs improvement I believe that our class has not yet touched the topics in this prescribed learning outcome this term. Although, through my character John O’Neill I read some information about the Irish potato famine, the articles I found about  the famine didn’t quite end up passing the CRAAP test, so I’m not quite sure if what I read was reliable! We also didn’t learn about some of the significant events such as the Great Migration or Chinese Head Tax that lead to trends affecting immigration to Canada from 1815 to 1914. This may have been because our main focuses in socials thus far have been eminent, confederation, and empires; however, I am hoping we will get to learn more about these topics as well as the underground railroad, European farmers, Sikh loggers, and Chinese railway workers in the next term!
C2 – analyze political, economic, social, and geographical factors that led to Confederation and to the development of Canada’s provinces and territories Needs improvement This prescribed learning outcome covered quite a bit of topics and events that led to Confederation. Although I think we did cover some of the topics and events, I feel that some of the characters didn’t quite get the chance to talk much about the events they were involved in which led to Confederation. Some examples of these events are the Fenian raids and the Klondike gold rush. My character for the role-play was Fenian Brotherhood member and rebel John O’Neill. I did get the chance to be a part of the debate role-play, but my debate was very short with “the queen” and it didn’t really cover much about my raids. In my opinion the raids were a large part of the Confederation and not just the raids of 1837-38, but also the raids by the Fenian rebels!

Another area that I believe I both succeed and could use some improvement on would have to be time management! I have worked really hard between juggling sports and school, but my schedule only seems to be getting busier! I try to make sure I am working on homework any opportunity I get which could mean in between soccer and field hockey games or on my way to ice hockey practice. Although, it has been difficult and I think I have done well,  I believe I should have contributed more with my social media presence throughout our confederation role play. I used twitter a little bit, but not as much as I could have. I’m not a huge fan of twitter which is why I think I alway procrastinating with the tweeting. I  did not make it my priority to be on twitter and have twitter wars with my classmates, and I know this is something I could have put more effort into. Also, I would have liked to add more detail in my blog posts. I believe I met the criteria in each one of my blog posts, however I now realize I should have added in the extra details and explanations. While writing, I should have asked myself questions such as, “So, what?”, “Why does this matter?” and “Who cares?”  Answering these types of questions helps me add in essential details when explaining or writing. It is not that I didn’t realize the detail was lacking in my blog posts, it more likely had to do with me being especially busy during eminent and perhaps letting my time management skills sit on the back burner.  This is one of my goals for the second half of this semester, to add more detail and explanation to blog posts as well as have a much stronger online presence with social media, particularly on twitter.

Here’s some evidence of my learning:

My Final Address Video:

John O’Neill’s Final Address -research, summarizing, critical thinking, questioning, contributing events to Confederation

Blog Post 1 -research/critical thinking

Blog Post 2 -research/critical thinking

Where have we been? Where are we going? – critical thinking

CRAAP Tested Links -research/CRAAP test

Eminent Speech -research/critical thinking

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