John O’Neill – Final Address

Final Address:

I never failed… I just always lost. I didn’t care about what was going to happen to Canada, I just wanted Britain to withdraw from Ireland. I lived in poverty and misery as a young child. Spent most of my days and nights eating potatoes because that’s all we could afford. I didn’t want my children to experience the same childhood, which is why I joined the Fenian Brotherhood. We raided multiple times into Canada from our US bases in hopes of putting pressure on the British, but we never succeeded. All we wanted was for Ireland to be a free country and for the British to leave us alone. I mean was that really too much to ask for? I’m really disappointed right now, it seems as if we helped get the British out of Canada rather than get the British out of Ireland. How does that work? No, its okay, we didn’t go down without a fight and that’s all that really matters, I think. My time may have not been now and it may as well never come, but one wish I have before I die is that Ireland will become a free country, be free of British rule, and be free of misery. We never failed, we just always lost.

Check out the video I recorded of my final address here!

-John O’Neill (Blog Post 1 & Blog Post 2)

I worked hard for my country to be free, risked my life many times to try and free Ireland from British rule, but I always lost. It really disappoints me that the British are still in Ireland. All I hope is that one day Ireland can be a free country!





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