Ice Hockey In-Depth #7/8

We are not too far away from In-Depth night and I have to say I have learned A LOT about ice hockey! It has been a fun yet challenging experience that has created many memories. I started off barely being able to stop on the ice, let alone skate. Now I have become a stronger skater who doesn’t rely on the boards (as much) to stop. I have learned a lot about the fundamentals of ice hockey (skating, stick handling, positioning, defending, attacking, passing patterns, etc.) and I hope to continue learning more about ice hockey in-depth as the fall season starts. My goal at the beginning of this process was to join a spring 3on3 team and learn as I played, but then I realized ice hockey is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I then joined multiple power skating lessons as well as a hockey academy (which allows me to play 3on3 games) instead and I think this benefitted me as I learned a lot more and got a lot more 1on1 attention than I probably would’ve with a team. I’ve decided that I am too far into my project to post videos, so I’ll save those for In-Depth night! I really noticed a difference in my skating and skill as the practices went on, but the videos really show my progress throughout the practices.

My first mentor (during my power skating lessons) and I had a conversation during one of my last lessons with him. We talked about how everything went and skills I was good at ¬†and those I needed to improve on. I recall saying I was never going to be good enough to make a rep team, but he interrupted me as I was speaking and said that as long as I kept practicing and kept my confidence attitude, I would have no troubles making a team. He interrupted and then waited until later to elaborate on what he was saying. He told me that they are many levels of teams and even if I didn’t make the “highest” and “best” rep team the first time I tried out, that I shouldn’t give up. It was a reassuring conversation that really helped to motivate me during my academy lessons.

Most of my conversations with both my mentors had a fun attitude, because they always said that it’s more important to enjoy yourself and have fun than be harsh and think about the mistakes. During every conversation, no matter how serious or game-instructed it was, they always made sure to throw in a few jokes to keep the vibes good. I probably had a learner attitude during almost all the conversations as I was always trying to learn as much as I could at every opportunity I got. Whether it be learning a new move, new terminology, or just about the history of the sport, everything interested me!

I’m really sad in-depth is almost over, but I’m also really excited for In-Depth night and to see the accomplishments my peers have made!

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  1. Great to keep us in suspense. I am looking forward to watching your ice hockey video during in-depth. Glad to hear that you have enjoyed it so much that you will continue this sport after the in-depth.

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