Go Green or nahh

Throughout the last week in socials we looked at some advertising videos from the different parties running in the upcoming national election. We then each researched one of the four parties: Green, NDP, Liberal, and Conservative within our quads to gain a better understanding of the parties’ views and goals. From the information I have gathered and read through as well as all the campaign videos I have watched, I have to say that I am routing for the NDP. Now, personally I don’t 100% agree with any party, but in my opinion NDP should win the election.

The Green party is just asking for people to change their lifestyles too much and I just don’t think it will work out. Also, they have great aspirations, but people aren’t going to start walking to work when driving is clearly more convenient. I agree with the fact that when driving we are polluting the air around us, but it is just not realistic for people to stop driving around. The Green party thinks that when they win the election they will put small business first. Yes, I agree that small businesses contribute greatly to the economy, but putting all the focus on them can start to put larger business out of business. Also, if people don’t put small businesses first, the Green party will simply fail.

The Conservatives just haven’t really delivered what they say they will. They are kind of like Tim Hortons, when we asked for them to lead like an everything bagel lightly toasted with butter they decided to be a burnt plain white bagel with lots of creme cheese.

Liberals I don’t really know what to say except I wouldn’t vote for them if I was legal age to vote. The provincial liberal party has left a sour taste in my mouth. The way they treated the teachers was unfair and disrespectful. I understand that this was a provincial issue, but in the end liberal is liberal.

Now for the NDP, I agree with more of their points then the points of any other party. Childcare should be more affordable for all families. During the teacher strike especially (caused by the provincial liberal party and Christy Clark) I noticed a lot of teachers were having troubles finding child care for their children and would have to bring them to the picket lines to strike with them. If the NDP wins, making childcare affordable for all families will not only help the many lower income families out their, but also help with their goal to strengthen the middle class.

amira brar

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