Ice Hockey In-Depth 4

Another two weeks has flown by and I have definitely learned a lot more! I met with my mentor 3 times within the last two weeks (as my mentor was very busy teaching other classes) and I’ve started to learn more stick and puck skills. In the first lesson of the three lesson set I continued to learn how to do turns as well as acceleration and deceleration. I have improved a LOT on my speed and turning. During our first set of sessions I was very shaky while turning and was scared to fall. My mentor told me that in order to be more successful I must not be scared to make mistakes/fall. I’m happy to say that I haven’t fallen yet, but I have almost called numerous times. Now that I know not to be scared I am doing a lot better with my turns and turning with speed. Also, during this session I finally got to start using pucks. We just did basic stick to stick passing so I could get used to the weight of the puck. I found it very weird at first, but after I got the hang of it it was really fun! At my second lesson of this three lesson set I learned how to turn while keeping my stick on the puck. It was very hard and took me a while to get the hang of it, but in the end I got it and was able turn using both the front and back side dribbling. This is basically all we worked on this session (as well as a review of our previous sessions) as it was a difficult skill to grasp. At our final of these three sessions, I learned how to dribble with the stick and puck! I have been looking forward to this day as I have been practising with an ice hockey stick and field hockey ball at home. In ice hockey you use both sides of your stick to dribble, whereas in field hockey you use only one side. We started by dribbling in a straight line up the ice which was pretty simple. Then my mentor set up a row of cones for me to weave through. Now this was quite difficult and I never really went through the cones without knocking one over. It was a bit frustrating, but I know with practice I will get! We also worked on some stick to stick passing while moving up the ice! I really enjoyed this as it was was really fun and challenging at the same time! For our next session we will  basically review everything I’ve learned and fix up anything that I need a little work on.

My mentor has been a very good listener as he is always listening to my questions no matter how many I throw at him. As De Bono states, it is very important to be a good listener, and my mentor definitely knows how to be a good listener. Although I am usually listening to my mentor, he always take time to ask me questions and listen to what I have to say. I feel like this is a very good quality to have as it makes me feel like my mentor really cares and wants to help me improve. Most of the questions I ask my mentor are fishing questions as they usually have to do with techniques. There are many techniques for each skill learnt in ice hockey so I always try them all out and then stick with whichever techniques I feel most comfortable using. My mentor has been very helpful and helped me to improve as an ice hockey player by really pushing me to work hard. I am looking forward to continue to work with my mentor and improve!

I have been looking for a spring team for a while now and every local club requires previous ice hockey experience. I’ve done so much research for spring teams and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if I wan’t to play on a spring team, I will have to go out a little farther to join a team. This will be difficult with all the other commitments I have going on throughout the spring such as field hockey and soccer, but I will make it work.

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Ice Hockey In-Depth 3

Each week with my power skating mentor, I continue to learn more and more! I find it really interesting how fast I can learn how to play ice hockey! My mentor said after a couple more lessons, we can start doing more stick and puck work. We’ll start off with the basics such as dribbling and simple stick to stick passing. Then I’ll learn more advanced skills such as passing on the move and shooting. I am very excited to learn more advanced skills as my lessons go on!

This past couple of weeks I’ve also been looking into teams to play on during the Spring season. So far, I have found quite a few teams that I’d be able to play on, but I’ll need to make sure I have all the required equipment. Ice hockey requires a lot more equipment than most of the sports I play and it can be pretty pricey. My mentor advised me that although the “name brands” can cost more, they will last way longer than a cheap “knock-off” brand. Since I’ve never played ice hockey before I have to buy all equipment from scratch. So far I have got skates, helmet, gloves, and a stick. This is what is required for power skating, but once I join a team I will need under armour, shin guards, chest protector, etc. My mentor has been a great help with telling me what to buy, but I have also been doing my research! 🙂

As soon as I finish editing my ice skating videos, I will upload them to my blog!

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Ice Hockey In-Depth 2

“I’ve been very busy this past week trying to get into power skating lessons, but unfortunately there are a lot of requirements. For my age group, you must have experience playing hockey in order to join power skating. I do not have any hockey experience (yet) so I couldn’t join that class. There are also other power skating lessons for beginners, but the age groups are 6-12 and older than 18. Once again I did not meet the requirements. So I decided to make a few calls to power skating instructors to see if they give private lessons to beginners. Most of them don’t offer that service, but they said they’d call me back after checking their schedules. I am hoping one of the instructors is available and I will most likely be starting next week! I will update this blog post as soon as I start!” -January 23rd, 2015

February 2, 2015 –  A couple days after I wrote the blog post above, I ended up finding a power skating mentor. My mentors name is Chris and is a hockey player and teaches power skating. So far I have had three lessons and have more planned for February before I start my spring ice hockey. Throughout these lessons I will learn how to properly skate on ice skates which includes turning, stopping, and skating with speed.

So far my mentor and I can agree with the fact that I am a very fast learner and can pick up new concepts easily. I may have not skated in hockey skates before, but I am easily picking up every new skill that is thrown my way. I have learned many different turning techniques (as you must be very agile on the ice) and many different stopping techniques as well. My mentor and I also agree that I will easily be able to pick up the stick handling required to play ice hockey. I asked my mentor if it’d be hard to learn how to stick handle (considering I play field hockey) and my mentor told me that I would easily pick it up.

Something my mentor and I disagree on would have to be how fast I’ll be able to start playing ice hockey. Originally I thought I would easily be able to a join a team by March, but then I started to doubt myself once I realized how many skating lessons I’ll need. So, I figured I would just join “Learn to Play” workshops. This would’ve ruined my original in-depth plans, but I thought it would be more suitable. My mentor disagrees with me and believes I will be able to join a hockey team by March, which actually boosted my confidence. Even though I disagree with my mentor, I am going to trust him and join a team in March. We also differed in this as I thought my mentor was wrong and he thought I was wrong as well. In the end, my mentor has played hockey and has more experience with hockey players than I have. In this case, I still don’t completely agree, but I have to agree with where he’s coming from.

Overall, I have been learning a lot and continue to learn as my power skating sessions continue. I have video recordings from all the lessons I’ve had so far and will include some in my next blog post!

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In the past year one of my friends taught me that no matter where you go or what you do, you should never change who you are for any reason. You may have a change of taste in music, but you should never change your taste of music just because someone you like listens to a different genre. You become the person you desire to be by following what you believe in. Thinking that you have to have the same beliefs as someone higher than you is silly, although you may follow someone else because you believe in the same ways. Believing in the same ways as someone else may prompt you to consider their opinions. Think about if you agree or not with the opinions. Following different beliefs may make you incapable of reaching your potential. If it is your dream to one day become CEO of a company, follow your dream.  Even if you don’t become a CEO you shouldn’t give up your leadership goals all together. You can still be leader and believe in what you believe in.

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Ice Hockey In-Depth

I can’t believe it’s already time to start in-depth! With the strike happening at the beginning of the year, the days just seem to fly by. I’m very excited to get started with my in-depth this year as I will be learning how to play ice hockey! Most people who I tell don’t really believe me, but that’s okay because they’ll believe me one In-Depth night comes around.

In order to learn how to play hockey, I will start off by taking ice skating lessons for about a month and a half. Basically during these lessons I will learn how to become a stronger skater. My coach (mentor #1) will teach me how to improve my skating speed, learn different ways of stopping, turning, etc. I took skating lessons when I was in elementary school which was quite a while ago so I figured it’d be best to brush up on my skating skills starting on a team. Once I’ve finished my power skating training I will join either a spring 3 on 3 team or a spring 5 on 5 team and possibly a development camp. Here I will meet my coach (mentor #2) who will help me learn the skills and rules behind the game of ice hockey. Some skills I may learn are 1v1, positioning, game rules, tactics, stick and puck skill, etc.

I chose Ice Hockey as my in-depth because I’ve wanted to join a team since I was ten years old, but unfortunately I couldn’t join because I chose to do a lot of soccer and join a metro soccer team. I kept asking my parents if I could join even though I knew it would be too much. So my parents put my in field hockey so I could get my “hockey” fix. I love field hockey now and will continue to love it, but I just need to try hockey as it has been in the back of my mind for a while.

I will need to buy some hockey skates to start out with and then once I finish my lesson I will need to get some basic hockey equipment such as under armour, gloves, and a stick. Ice Hockey will cost a lot of money especially since ice time is expensive, but I think it will be very worth it in the end.

I don’t know the names of my skating mentor or ice hockey mentor yet as they will be my coaches. I will add my mentor information as soon as I know their names! I have a friend (Desmond Grewal) who has been playing ice hockey (Cloverdale Colts) since he was very young and is willing to help me out with any questions I have regarding ice hockey and the equipment I will need for it. Also, if I am unable to ever reach my mentors he is available to assist me at any time (unless of course he is playing hockey! :))

The main things I hope I will learn from my experience is the rules of hockey, basic stick and puck skills, positioning, and game sense. My final product will be a video of my progress from my first skating lesson to my final hockey game. I will then present my video on stage at the night of the notables! 🙂

I am very excited to get started and can’t wait t get onto the ice!

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Hayley Wickenheiser

Here are all the helpful links I used to assist me with my eminent person project! They all provided my with sufficient amounts of information that came from reliable sources! 🙂 : this site was the most helpful as it contains a lot of visual aspects such as videos that really helped me understand the life of Wickenheiser 🙂 :Hayley Wickenheiser’s verified twitter account

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Last year, I found it was very easy to get an interview, this year… not so much!! I originally sent out quite a few emails and messages to people who work with Hayley through marketing, social events, and emailed just a general questions email they have on her official website. I also tried  to contact Hayley’s mom through Facebook messages, but since I’m not her “friend” on Facebook, she didn’t even open my message. Unfortunately I didn’t get any responses from any of the other people I contacted either. I’m not going to go into to much detail about what I sent them and what their names are, because I ended up getting an interview in the end. The night before eminent I was thinking about all the hard work I put into looking for an interview and I didn’t want that to go to waste. I was sitting on my couch watching the television while eating some chips with my favourite chip dip and scrolling through my twitter feed all at the same time! (so much multitasking) I came across a tweet from Wickenheiser about how all the teams attending Wickfest (a female hockey tournament held by Hayley Wickenheiser) and I thought I might as well send out a tweet (just one) and hope for a response. I waited a solid three hours and then heard the notification sound on my phone. I thought it was a text message (because ya know, so popular) but it was a twitter notification saying that Wickenheiser would be willing to answer a few questions from me if I emailed her! I was so excited!


I just searched twitter on my computer and it took me straight to this twitter account I made on November 10th just so I could tweet Hayley Wickenheiser. I forgot all about that account and it turns out that she responded to me that same day. I really could’ve gotten my interview way before eminent, but now I’m getting it after. Well, it’s better than no interview! But honestly I can’t believe I forgot about making that account and sending out that tweet.


I emailed her right away, but now just have to wait a few days for a response as she was busy wrapping up her tournament!

I will add pictures of the interview once I get a response (which should be within this week)!


Its been quite a while and I haven’t gotten a response on my questions yet, but I was told within the next month I would! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Wickenheiser Night of Notables

Night of the Notables 2k14

Once again Eminent was a success and everyone had a great time! All the grade 10s did very well with their speeches and the grade 9s did a wonderful job hosting! Everyone put a lot of hours into their learning centres; they all looked amazing! The afternoon TALONS did an amazing job with their speeches and were a hard act to follow, but I think the morning TALONS did a great job also. I was very nervous because I haven’t taken drama since middle school and it is difficult to speak from another person’s perspective. I believe I worked hard to learn about Hailey and her life and this paid off because I really felt like I was Hailey on stage.

This year for my learning centre I wanted to do more than the tri-fold poster board and the model display I had the previous year. I tried my best to incorporate as much hockey as I could into my learning centre and make it as interactive and engaging as possible for my guests! I had a shooting centre, a hockey game set up and even put together candy cane hockey. Last year when no teacher visited my learning centre I was upset but I thought perhaps the grade 10 centres were priority as their centres were more grand and it was obvious they put a lot of hard work into them. I realize that it is difficult to visit all the centres in a short time period. However, this year I was very upset that once again no teacher visited my learning centre, even if just for a minute. I put so much time, effort, and money into my eminent project and learning centre this year. I had an extremely busy November with soccer and several field hockey events that caused me to miss school. Although I was extremely busy staying caught up with my missed studies, I spent a great deal of time on my project, learning about Hayley and putting together the finest details for my centre. I would like to include some pictures so I know that my hard work did not go unnoticed:

click link:

use password: hayley

I’m relieved that eminent is over, but now I am looking forward to in-depth! I want to make that bigger and better than last year also.

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Document of Learning

don’t even know how eminent is in three days… between soccer, field hockey, and all the other talons homework we’ve had, i’ve finally gotten the chance to work on my speech. if you have any comments i would appreciate if you write them below

here’s my eminent speech draft:

Eyes open and closed, all I saw was the color red, the pulsating of all blood vessels in my body, my heart skipping a beat as the blade of my skate skims the playing surface when I step onto the ice, scanning the crowd and spotting my son amongst the sea of American and Canadian colors, hearing the final words of the national anthem being sung with Canadian pride. I felt truly blessed to have the support of an entire nation and particularly my son. My son is not fond of hockey, so for him to come out and support the team and most importantly the country truly made me feel blessed. This was going to be a big game against the Americans as it always is, but the stakes were higher today. The team that wins this game wins gold at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. I wanted so badly to win this game, for myself, my team, and my country. We had a winning streak to keep alive, and we had to keep our Nation believing in us. Most importantly, we had to win for the many young female hockey players that look up to our team as role models. These young girls may one day aspire to become a team member and a representative of the sport and our country. we need to prove to them anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Back when I was young, people used to tell me girls don’t play hockey, but now it seems natural for a girl to walk into the rink with a hockey bag on her shoulder! Every child has the right to play no matter what their gender, where they are born or how much money they have. We will win this for those who don’t think they have the right to play, but they will; I’ll make sure of it. Puck drops in one minute, hope nothing hits the post.

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Library Blog Post!

Originally I wanted to study the Great One, Wayne Gretzky for eminent, but because of certain reasons I will now be taking on Hayley Wickenheiser. Now, I know no one is really the same or will ever be similar to Wayne Gretzky, to even try and choose a male hockey player with the same talent and contribution would be hard, but I believe Haley Wickenheiser is a really great female hockey player and has given back to her community a lot as well.

This year, both the morning and afternoon classes visited SFU for a field trip and library study. I went into this trip wanting to bond with my classmates and learn about university life. I really feel that I got to know a lot of people better than I did before and the tour we got of the SFU campus really gave me a better understanding of what life is like in university. I personally did not find any books related to my eminent person so spent most of the time exploring the library and trying to find information on my phone.

To document my experience I took some pictures! So here they are: 

Overall I think I learned a lot about what life is like in university and got some more inspiration for my eminent person as well!

I am really excited to continue with my research and am looking forward to the Night of the Notables! 🙂

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