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Ice Hockey In-Depth 6

In my most recent sessions with my mentor, some concepts we have discussed in recent sessions include skating, shooting, control, and speed. The concept of skating is based off of fear. If you are scared to fall or trip, you will be off balance and be skating very slow. Skating is not an easy skill to grasp concept of, but with a lot of practice it can come naturally. Shooting is a little more difficult as you need both power and accuracy to have a solid (good) shot. This concept of “shooting” is different for every sport, so if you understand it with one sport it doesn’t quite mean you’ll understand it for every sport. Next, control is a key concept in almost every sport, because in order to be successful and learn new skills, you must maintain control of yourself and what you are doing. I think the hardest part of this concept is that when you are learning a sport you want to try everything really fast, but you will never truly understand the concepts (skills) you are learning without control. Lastly, speed can be a controlling concept as many believe that in order to be the best you must be the fastest. This is not entirely true for many sports, because although you may need speed, this concept also has to do with speed of play, the speed you perform your moves, and the speed you grasp other concepts. One thing about this concept is that speed does not always mean “fast.” For example, when performing a move you want to approach the “defender” at a medium speed, perform your move at 75% pace, and then exit your move with an 100% burst of speed (this is what catches your defender off guard). I think my mentor has done a great job of teaching me these concepts as well as some others.

Now for the alternatives my mentor and I discussed throughout our sessions together. I have had a lot of issues trying to find a spring team to practice with, but once me and my mentor realized that no teams will accept someone who hasn’t played through the fall, we had to look for an alternatives. At first all we found were more power skating classes, but I wanted to actually play. So, we looked further away from home and found an ‘adult” hockey academy that includes power skating, but also has stick&puck, and spring 3 vs. 3. I was really excited about this at first, but then I was a little scared because I thought that everyone would be a lot better than me and I would just be terrible, but my mentor assured me that I’d do just fine and that this is all a learning experience. Another alternative my mentor and I discussed was what kind of equipment to buy. I could buy someones used equipment or buy brand new equipment. There are pros and cons to both, but in the end I felt more comfortable buying my own equipment. It took many hours in Sport Chek and a lot of money to get me all the proper equipment. An added bonus in the end was that all my equipment ended up matching!! 🙂 Overall, I think my mentor has been a huge help in helping me go forward with my ice hockey learning experience. But, I won’t be having anymore sessions with my power skating mentor until after the hockey academy is over in May. I had my first session with the hockey academy this past Monday and it was a workout. All the drills are really simple but help you learn all the fundamentals of hockey and make you really tired because of the intensity. The sessions will run once a week on Monday’s for 2 hours each. I am looking forward to my next session as we get to play a 3 on 3 game! 🙂


amira brar


P.S. Videos will be up soon! I’ve had some video editing difficulties, but will try my best to get the videos up asap! 🙂