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#TalonsConfed – Rebel Squad 1866

Hello, it’s your fenian raid leader John O’Neill here! We are raiding Western Canada in a couple of days and I’m really excited!

I want the British presence in Ireland to be expelled which is why I have joined the Fenian Brotherhood. We are a group of Irish men who don’t like the British. Our plan as of right now is to raid Fort Erie on May 31st. We will accomplish this raid and be successful by crossing the Niagra River in order to sneak to Fort Erie. I believe that we can capture Fort Erie and defeat the Canadian forces. I mean, many of us are veterans of the American Civil War, so there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t have success. Once we create a diversionary attack at Fort Erie, from Buffalo, NY, then we can draw troops away from the Welland Canal system and strike there. This will be successful, because I’m a rebel and it’s what I do.

Our attack lasted 3 days and we unfortunately had to surrender to the American Navy. Five days after we started our invasion, the U.S. president Andrew Johnson guaranteed that the Fenian invasions wouldn’t continue. We are Rebels, we don’t listen, we do what we want. Of course we are going to raid again, and this time we will raid Pigeon Hill in East Canada since we clearly couldn’t raid West Canada. This time we will have success, I promise.

Yours rebelling,

John O’Neill